United Strong and Free
United Strong and Free

Welcome to United Strong and Free

The group for "United Strong and Free" Workers looking to effect positive change in Canadian Labour

About Us

United Strong and Free was created to awaken Labour in Canada to their unique and powerful position of influence individually and on the stage of society. 

Division on multiple fronts seek to subjugate, we seek to re-awaken the inherent control over our lives through an understanding and utilization of the law, networking, bold communication and the sharing of support. 

This simple mantra applies: “We are stronger together than apart!”

Why You Should Join Us

There’s strength in unity. 

Link arms with others who are looking to take back our power!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for visiting our Mighty Network.  

Your support adds to our coalition of Strong and Free Employees and Workers who strive to take back our power and fight for better future for ourselves, our kids and our kids’ kids.